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Welcome the Article 26 Backpack Guide Training Program through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education

The Article 26 Backpack is an online tool designed to help refugee students safely store, curate, and share their academic documents in order to safeguard their Human Right to education. This course is created with the intention of producing the next generation of Backpack Guides to be able to effectively implement the tool, Article 26 Backpack, within vulnerable communities. If you wish to learn more about Article 26 Backpack that information can be found HERE.​

What is a digital badge? 

According to University of California, Davis Continuing and Professional Education, a digital badge program is, "a graphic verification of the skills you have mastered after successfully completing a specific course or program." These programs are an incredible way to display mastery of a specific skill in which the badge program is intended. To learn more about the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education that information can be accessed HERE.

The Article 26 Backpack Guide Badge 

The Article 26 Backpack Guide Badge is an online course consisting of five educational modules working to guide future Backpack Guides through the plethora of potential challenges and scenarios they may face. Anyone who is interested is eligible to take this course, however we encourage completion of this course to those who have experience with or are currently serving refugee communities worldwide. ​

How To Enroll

If you are interested in enrolling in this course, please reach out to the Article 26 Backpack Team at Enrollment will occur on a quarterly basis and you will have that designated period to complete the entirety of the Badge course. The Badge course itself is $25. In order to keep this course applicable for all future Backpack Guides, Article 26 Backpack is waving this fee. However, if possible, we encourage you to donate to our excellence fund found HERE.

​For More Information 

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