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UC Davis International Center Conference Room 3rd Floor

UC Davis' Human Rights Studies Program is unique among leading US programs in its emphasis on humanities- informed disciplinary approaches to the study of human rights. The community of scholars at UC Davis, is also committed to public scholarship, that is creating knowledge in such a way that connects the rich resources of the university to our most pressing social, civic, and ethical problems.

Our Fall conference will bring together Human Rights Studies scholars from across humanities fields to explore ways to expand and make more impactful contributions to the public good.

As an unConference, our approach will emphasize intentional group conversations around pre-circulate documents, images, and secondary materials, with an effort to build a broad consensus-framework for possible shared research and future initiatives. Convenors have developed activities and thought provocations to invite participation and knowledge sharing.





Welcome and Introductions: Human Rights, the Humanities, and a Muscular Empathy
Keith David Watenpaugh, Human Rights Studies

Teaching African American Histories of Human Rights and Reparations Activism

Benjamin Weber, African American and African Studies, Human Rights Studies, UC Davis
Dominique Williams, The History Project at UC Davis
Génesis Lara - Chicano-Latino Studies UC Irvine

Anthony Green - African American History Teacher, Bishop O'Dowd High School, Oakland

Beyond Compare: The Politics of Comparison in Human Rights and Genocide Studies

Deb Donig English, Cal Poly and UC Berkeley’s iSchool
Amila Becirbegovic, Modern and Classical Languages and Literature, CSU Fresno

Why Americans Don't Have Human Rights and What Land Grant Universities Can Do About It

Glenn Mitoma, Institute for Social Transformation, UCSC
Keith David Watenpaugh, Human Rights Studies, UC Davis
Marc Dadigan, Native American Studies, Human Rights Studies Designated Emphasis, UC Davis

Human Rights Studies at the Frontiers of Public Scholarship and Engagement

Michael Rios, Vice Provost of Public Scholarship, Human Ecology, UC Davis

Sponsors:  Human Rights Studies, Global Affairs, Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement

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