Prospects for Change in Chile: From Social Uprising to Constitutional Reform

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UC Davis professors Michael Lazzara & Marian Schlotterbeck will facilitate a dialogue with scholars from Chile about sources of discontent that gave rise to the October 2019 social uprising and the possibilities for democratic reform following the October 25, 2020 plebiscite.  In a record turnout, Chileans overwhelmingly voted in favor of writing a new constitution to replace the Pinochet regime’s 1980 Constitution.  What prospects exist today for change in Chile? How do ongoing human rights abuses evoke memories of a darker past?  What do struggles for justice and dignity look like in Chile today? 

Guest Speakers:
Claudio Barrientos, Associate Professor of History at the Universidad Diego Portales
Hillary Hiner, Associate Professor of History at the Universidad Diego Portales
Romina Green-Rioja, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at the Universidad de Santiago

Michael Lazzara, Professor of Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies at UC Davis
Marian Schlotterbeck, Associate Professor of History at UC Davis

Event co-sponsors: DHI, HIA, Global Affairs, Human Rights Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, History