Fall 2022 Human Rights Courses

Undergraduate Courses

HMR 001: Human Wrongs/Human Rights
Prof. Keith Watenpaugh

HMR 134: Human Rights
Prof. Keith Watenpaugh

HMR 161: Human Rights in Latin America
Daniel Coral

Graduate seminars

Graduate seminars outside of the HMR department that apply to the Designated Emphasis in Human Rights:

HIST 201W- Diaspora in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Histories.  Prof Stacy Fahrenthold- sfahrenthold@ucdavis.edu.
Mondays 3:10-6:00pm SOCSCI 4202

This is a course in comparative world history dealing with modern (post-1800) diaspora across three world regions: the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Together we read and discuss critical theory in diaspora, mobility, colonialism, and border making/border subversion alongside new monographs using these ideas across world regions. Students prepare weekly reading responses culminating to a critical essay on world historical “source-making” as it relates to their primary research field. Occasional presentation of readings required.  

Course Learning Objectives: by the end of this course: 

  • Students will understand the history, core questions, and fundamental critiques advanced by scholars in diaspora and mobility studies, as well as area studies counter-critiques. 
  • Students will articulate how theories of diaspora/mobility iterate across multiple world regions, and will assess these claims comparatively (world history competency). 

Students will analyze how diaspora/mobility theory influences their own major field, constructing a possible intervention for further research.