Human Rights Courses Spring 2021

Human Rights Courses - Spring 2021

Undergraduate Courses

HMR 130 - Topics in Human Rights

HMR 138 - Human Rights & Gender

HMR 161 - Human Rights Latin Am

HMR 162Y - Hist Euro Human Rights


Graduate Courses

REL 230E—Thematic Topics - Values, Ethics, and Human Rights- Inter-Group Conflict in Israel and the Middle East 

Dr. Yael Teff-Seker

Mondays - 12:10-3:00 pm PST

Required attendance synchronously. In addition, lectures will be recorded and made available to the students. Students must have a webcam and microphone on their computers and download an app called Peacemaker.

The Arab-Israeli conflict does not exist in a void. It was, and still is, influenced by external geo-political interests and events, religious beliefs and perceptions, and other external factors such as economy, climate, and scientific-technological advances. The conflict also influences other tensions within and between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim groups, as well as other religious and ethnic minorities in the area.

The course first explains the history of the conflict, using several points of view, and allowing students to voice and discuss their own opinions and analyses of these historic events. It then invites students to understand the complexities of the current situation in the Middle East, and introduces positive examples of cooperation, peace treaties, and synergies. The course encourages students to pursue active learning through researching specific topics, cross-sections (e.g. gender, race), and case studies that are of personal or academic interest to them; as well as through participatory simulations of real-life cases, including role-playing and using a peace-building app.