Human Rights Minor (old requirements, exp 6/30/19)

Students who entered the minor prior to June 30, 2019 may select either the current minor requirements or the requirements below.

In addition to completing Human Rights 134 students must take two additional Core Courses and two from the Elective Course list. Students must select courses from AT LEAST THREE (3) DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS or PROGRAMS to satisfy minor requirements.

Human Rights 134 (HMR 134): Human Rights
(Choose two from the following)
History 142A: History of the Holocaust
Sociology 104: International Migrations
Human Rights 131: Genocide
Spanish 159: Topic - Witnessing in Latin America - Trauma, Violence and Memory


American Studies: AMS 156
Anthropology: ANT 126A, 126B, 130A, 131
Chicana/o Studies: CHI 131, 150
History: HIS 142A, 142B, 172, 177A, 177B, 183A, 183B, 189
Native American Studies: NAS 115, 130, 157
Religious Studies: RST 131, 167
Sociology: SOC 104, 130, 137, 160, 171
Spanish: SPA 159*, 175*
Women Studies and Gender Studies: WMS 102, 140, 170, 182

*Needs prior approval from the faculty advisor as topic varies each term. The topic must be related to human rights.

With prior permission of the faculty advisor, students may substitute one course from the list of electives as a core course.