Declaring Human Rights Minor

Declaring a Human Rights Minor

Students officially declare a minor in Human Rights before or during the quarter you plan to graduate.

Students fill out the Petition to Declare a Minor form and file this petition to the College of your major. For instance, Religious Studies major must fill out the College of Letters and Science form. Human Development major must fill out the College of Agricultural and Environmental Science form.

Important: Each of the four colleges has different form, so please make sure to fill out the correct one.

General Guidelines

  • Only one course may overlap between each major and minor.
  • The minor must be outside the department or program of the major.
  • No course overlap is allowed between minors.
  • You must have an overall 2.000 GPA in the minor.
  • With the exception of students in the College of Engineering, all course work, including any minors, must be completed within 225 units.

These are some of the general guidelines to declare a minor. Consult with the Dean’s Office of your College for additional requirements (e.g. deadlines).

When To Take Courses

Students can start taking the necessary courses to satisfy the minor requirements at anytime.

Completing the Program

Upon successful completion of the minor requirements, a notation will be included in your diploma and official transcript.

Let Us Know!

If you have already decided to pursue the minor, you are strongly recommended to contact the faculty advisor or staff advisor as soon as possible. You will be added in our mailing list, where you will receive e-mails for news, events, and announcements related to the program.