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Ukrainian Students, Professionals and Human Rights Defenders: Use UC Davis Backpack

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  • Backpack is a safe and secure platform to store academic credentials, documents and human rights advocacy work product. As the situation in Ukraine grows worse UC Davis encourages students, professionals and human rights defenders to use Backpack.

UC Davis Global Affairs and UC Davis Human Rights Studies  is encouraging Ukrainian students, professionals, and human rights advocates to use the UC Davis Backpack to safeguard academic documents, diplomas, transcripts, professional certificates and credentials, and other sensitive materials  from loss.  Backpack is a tool developed at UC Davis that has been used by nearly 2000 young people in at-risk and unstable situations around the world, including, most recently in Afghanistan and Lebanon. It has received support from the Ford Foundation and was developed in cooperation with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Once an individual uploads their materials to the Backpack platform — housed here at UC Davis —  those materials remain safe and secure and are accessible by the individual anywhere and at any time.  They may also use Backpack to share their materials with universities, scholarship agencies, or other organizations.

The tool is free to use. Individuals’ Backpack accounts have the same level of security as our own students.  The Backpack is available in English and French. Individuals can use it with a laptop or handheld device like a tablet or a smartphone.

"We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in this very difficulty moment" Backpack Director and Professor of Human Rights Studies, Keith David Watenpaugh explained, "Backpack is a modest and useful demonstration of that solidarity. We've seen what happens, most recently in Afghanistan, when young people and human rights defenders lose their documents, or might have to destroy documents to stay safe.  We can help with that problem and stand ready to do all we can."

Watch this  short video in English explaining why and how to use Backpack.

Please contact us for more information and additional support.


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